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 “If only we knew then
what we know now!”

Ask around, invariably you’ll hear a similar story from those who’ve designed and built their dream home.

So as you start out on your own exciting journey, what are the really important things you should ask about before you choose your builder?

We’ve drawn on many years of experience to offer the six most important questions to ask:

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Question 1: Who will look after me after I sign the contract?

It will always start out really well, talking to any good building company. You’ll find yourself talking to a skilled sales person who’s priority is to look after you. But everything can change once you’ve signed the contract. Invariably you’ll be handed over to a construction manager who has a whole lot of more important priorities than making you happy. And no matter how hard you try, suddenly the nice sales person is nowhere to be seen.

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At Lucy Homes you’ll talk to the guy who owns the whole operation from start to finish. That’s Florin, Lucy’s husband. We really believe that once you meet Florin for yourself, you’ll know you’re in safe hands.

Question 2: How and when will the final price for my home be determined?

It’s the oldest trick in the book. Less scrupulous builders will help you plan plan your new home and then get you to sign a contract subject to ‘variations’. Only afterwards will you hear about extra charges for the slab because of unexpected rocks in the ground, or a soil report that says that foundations have to be 90cm deeper. Those variations can cost many thousands more!

At Lucy Homes We will develop a detailed estimate of the full cost of building your new home based on the design you have described to us. Our commitment is to make this estimate as accurate as possible. We prefer complete transparency with no nasty surprises after you have signed your contract.

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Question 3: How will we design my dream home?

We meet with the Owner and designer till you are satisfied with the design, at which stage planning drawings are produced along with a 3D elevation, ready for costing.

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At Lucy Homes we will work together to design your dream home by matching your vision with our experience. You can spend as much time as you need to explain your preferences with our experienced home designers.

We think you’ll appreciate the value of the experience we will offer; orienting the building to maximise natural light, ensuring energy efficiency and taking sight lines into account.

Question 4: I’ve heard the horror stories about builders going out of business. How will I know my money is safe with Lucy Homes?

It’s a really sad fact of life in our industry; even some of the largest of home builders around the country have gone belly-up, leaving home owners out of pocket and struggling to get their partially built homes completed.

Like all other builders we will organise the compulsory home warranty insurance policy needed at part of the building contract. This does offer significant protection, however things can still get messy around being able to recover funds and having construction completed quickly.

Ultimately a homeowner’s best protection is to do their homework. At Lucy Homes we are deeply committed to integrity with all our clients and suppliers. If requested, we will provide the contact details of clients and suppliers who with freely vouch that we pay on time and we always deliver.

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Question 5: Will I be able to supply any items myself for the builder to install as part of the contract?

Builders can make make money in a number of ways which are not always entirely transparent or evident to the home owner. Quite often they will restrict home owners to a limited selection of fixtures and fittings because of ‘pricing arrangements’ with specific suppliers.

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We do allow owners to supply items such as electronic systems, electrical appliances or wall and floor tiles for us to install. There may be insurance issues around some of this, but we will always do our best to look after our clients’ wishes and needs.

Choosing the right builder is so important

If you’re going to spend such a significant amount of money with a company you’ll be talking to on a regular basis for many months ahead, you really need to choose people you can trust and enjoy talking to.

So let’s start out by meeting at our place or yours.

Our show home is at 23 Shelter Row, Craigburn Farm.

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