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We offer a very special level of collaboration with property developers

We have developed considerable experience in assisting property developers. We understand their needs for flexibility and elegant solutions that will suit their target markets while containing costs to eliminate budget blow-outs.

We have built a solid reputation among property developers in Adelaide. Our experience extends to significant, high-rise apartment development or building multiple dwellings on sub-divided blocks.

Our collaborative approach ensures the developers we work with feel part of part of a committed team as we work hand in hand from the word go. Our creativity and pro-active can-do approach builds strong relationships and quality outcomes.

To find out more about building a dependable relationship with Lucy Homes, please contact our managing director, Florin Farcut by phone or email.

We have engaged Lucy homes/Lucy Commercial to develop our land in St Peters, one of the more prestigious suburb of Adelaide.

We have found Florin to be very courteous and his business conducts from our first encounter was very transparent, making it very easy for us to select Florin as our professional builder.

We also made inquiries in our Chinese community and found the same message of trust and honesty from all people crossing Florin’s path.

We happily recommend Florin to any prospective clients and wish him a prosperous future.

Haiming Yi & Hauyong Lu
I have undertaken the assessment of applications for approval of building work for Lucy Homes/Lucy Commercial for approximately ten years and during this period have found its’ principal, Florin Farcut to have a sound knowledge of construction requirements for both residential and commercial projects.

It is my opinion Florin is a competent, capable and trustworthy individual who will make every reasonable effort to satisfy his clients concerns.

I am pleased to provide this character testimonial for Florin.

PBS Australia
In our dealings over the years Florin Farcut has always carried out his duties with a high regard to responsibility, integrity and reliability.

The various projects have always been executed effectively and in a timely manner to a high level of understanding and competency.

We have also completed documentation for two multi-level projects –

Mixed use development at Collinswood which incorporates two level underground carparking with a ground floor for commercial use and five upper levels of apartments.

Apartments buildings in Surflen St Adelaide incorporating six levels of apartments incorporating four levels of car-parking in a portion of the building.

In these buildings Florin Farcut has exhibited a sound knowledge of these complex construction elements and ensured timely and efficient process of the documentation process.

Dean Iuliano & Company