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Lucy Commercial Projects

Not just an average home builder

Our experience and skills in the commercial construction industry means we build better houses than your average builder.

Lucy Commercial Projects has delivered a wide range of construction types. These include multiple dwellings, 2 and 3 storey houses, tilt up constructions and suspended concrete floors.

Lucy Commercial is now working on multi-level office and apartment projects in Adelaide’s CBD, Collinswood and other high-density housing project locations. We have also just completed stage 1 of a large commercial facility in Edinburgh, we now have stage 2 underway. These projects have been developed and executed to the highest standard with excellent on-site management.


Key to our success is our approach where we carefully assign all personnel contributing to the projects. This ensures sound management focused on maintaining the highest standards of tradesman ship across all activities. We jealously guard our reputation in the industry with an emphasis on great client relationships, resulting in lasting partnerships for repeat projects.

The same construction management systems and commitment to quality undertaken in our commercial projects are brought to bear on our residential home building projects. This ensures consistent quality throughout each project with predicable timelines and excellence in client service.

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